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The dix-neuf list aims to foster and aid the exchange of views on the artistic, literary, cultural, linguistic, historical and philosophical life of the nineteenth century. We invite every all dix-neuviémistes, whether postgraduate/independent researchers or academic staff, to take part in the debate and share your knowledge through this list. The list is bilingual; we welcome messages in English or French.

The list moderator is Valentina Gosetti.

To subscribe to dix-neuf, send a request to the moderator of the list or follow the instructions here.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive a message asking you to confirm your registration. Please click on the link in the email itself. You will soon receive a welcome message confirming your registration with dix-neuf. Please keep this message, which contains essential information on the functioning of the list.

You may unsubscribe by sending a request to the moderator of the list or by following the instructions listed here. For security reasons, dix-neuf does not accept the use of attachments; it would be preferable to integrate the information contained in the attached file in the same email.

For more information, please contact the list moderator.

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** NEWS **
SDN Publication Prize Results 2016

Many congratulations to Claire White (winner), Philippa Lewis (highly commended) and Robert St. Clair (highly commended)! More details here.

Spleen et idéal, Canterbury 2017

The Society is delighted to announce that its 2017 conference will take place at the University of Kent at Canterbury on April 10-12. Details of the event can be found here.

2016 Postgraduate Prize

Warmest congratulations to Allison Deutsch (winner) and Stacie Allan (highly commended)! More details here.